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Resolving disputes & disagreements

Workplace Mediation

Disagreements & grievances are ever present in the workplace today, many would argue it's commonplace. Both Raquel & Justin are certified mediators & can help resolve disputes or conflict without the need of instigating disciplinary hearings.

The maze of HR

HR Policies & Procedures

There's so much to be aware of these days, legislation, working regulations & of course legal & social responsibilities. We can help you build in policies & procedures to build the foundation for your teams. Both Raquel & Justin are certified CIPD members.

Improving performance & efficiencies

Performance Management

When all is said & done all businesses need to make ends meet. When you miss targets everyone starts to feel the pressure & generally that isn't a good sign. With over 50 years of sales & business experience across retail, gambling, telecoms & B2B we can help you see the path forward for sustainable growth.

Running a business is never easy, let us help with our extensive qualified experience. Together our partnership will allow you to get the best from every opportunity.

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