Breaking News! Retail staff are unhappy...

I’m not sure how this would fair in Ireland if a similar survey was conducted, my guess would be that it would be an almost carbon copy.

I’ve worked in the retail industry all of my life, that’s over 30 years now & there has been a fairly constant trend in the people you meet along the way. Of course, as the years

Times do change though & we’ve seen lots of initiatives & fads come along, personally I’m really enjoying the emotional intelligence movement & how that impacts on team engagement & ultimately performance.

What sparked the conversation though was over a few drinks with a close friend. He told me of a retail director whose favourite pastime is to park his brand-new Range Rover (with private reg plate) up against the front window of the store he was about to visit. Of course, the fact that his car costs more than the average 3 bed semi-detached house has nothing to do with his ego or intimidating persona. Then there’s my own particular favourite where the CEO would walk out of a meeting (having told everyone of your incompetence & incapability) when you used the wrong font size in a presentation.

Then just this morning, I read an article by a group of people stating they are going to disrupt the HR world. Fantastic I think, that’s a great idea. Then I see the face of someone who, in their capacity as an ‘HR Director’ gave me a pep talk on managing performance. Great I thought as he tells me “what you do is identify all of the things you can’t impact…” yes that sounds good… “identify all of the things you can impact….”ok…. “then manage the shit out of it”. That’s great. Disrupt away so…

The article attached states “an ingrained lack of transparency”

So, when it comes to transparency over pay, why is it that senior directors won’t disclose their salaries? We’re always hearing that the private sector leads the way over the public sector yet we don’t do this? What about share options? Too much to ask? Or how about we see the senior team managed the same as the retail team? Miss your sales target for 3 months & you’re out? Any takers?

Yet the real topic that gets their blood pumping is the culture. Culture & mission statements are the cornerstone of the business, now what are your numbers?

So, what does this do for the future of the business we (well I anyway) adore & enjoy so much? What trends & standards are we teaching leaders of the future about people & how we treat them? What does it do for innovation & fresh thinking?

Wouldn’t it have been great if the headline had said “Retail Staff are the happiest workers?” ah well, I can but dream….

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