The Life Cycle Of A Tyrant

How long do you give them? You know the ones; do as I say but not as I do.

The news this last couple of weeks has all been about Ryanair (you thought I was going to say Trump right?) & how they are cancelling flights due to an issue with their rota system. This was then quickly followed by a recruitment drive & the CEO saying he was accepting full responsibility. Great! That night whilst reading through twitter there is a post from their Communications manager sitting on the loo with the heading “Sh*t happens”. Quite.

So, move forward a few days & now there’s the CEO now saying a pilot’s jobs isn’t hard…

What about the customer? What about all those people who’ve been plunged into chaos? From the other side, what about all of those team members who have stayed over to work additional hours or cancelled holidays as they try & deal with the carnage around them? The ones at the front end of telling people about the decision someone else has taken. No, he hasn’t really talked about them.

It seems though that these hard shootin’ managers are the only way forward in today’s business world. I’m not here for war stories I’m here to run a business. Although if you start to look back over the last few years, these once tyrannical geniuses have slowly started to fall away. You see, there comes a point when you can only take so much… isn’t that what happened to BHS & Tesco? (no-one is allowed to mention the banks ok).

We’re surrounded by it, football managers getting the sack, Donald sacking anything that moves. But for how long? How long before those blaming anyone & everyone else around you get found out & they’re the ones being booted out?

Well it’s something that can’t come quickly enough. I was once asked by a manager if the business he’d hired me into was broken? Broken? Absolutely not. Were there things that needed to change or be implemented yes, but the business was far from broken. Fast forward to the new boss. His view was far from mine, the business wasn’t a business at all it was a car crash in a frock.

So, I ask again, how long do you give them? The damage that’s caused from the shouting & derogatory comments. The put downs, the fire at will gun slingers?

Well I guess that’s up to you, for me hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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