When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough?

Where’s your line in the sand? At what stage do you stand back & say ‘I’m better than this’ & walk away?

Values are a very personal thing, they are as varied as the weather yet we all have them. Things that are most precious to us, what we in-still in ourselves, our teams or our children. Who’s are right or wrong?

Well that’s the point, we’re all different & all have our own way of doing things, saying things or just generally how we interact.

What does trust mean to you?

To me it means that I’m confident in what you’ve told me, confident that you will do what you say you will. Confident

that regardless of what happens, what we’ve discussed remains albeit the journey we take may need to vary a little to get us there.

In Business circles what does trust mean?

To be honest I don’t really know if I can answer that question anymore. It seems that underneath all of the latest fads & ways of working we’re almost walking backward into the ‘80’s again. You can say or do what you like, promise or agree on something then turn your back on it because it doesn’t make business sense anymore. All that’s important is money & the more of it the better. Whatever the cost, get it done & close the deal. Don’t agree with me? OK, tell me you’ve not heard the expression – ‘It’s not personal; it’s just business’ over the last 6 months.

My 16-year-old decided he wanted to get himself a job at the weekend, that’s great I thought, at least he won’t be asking me for €50 every Friday. So, we get him in a shirt and tie (no easy fete) & sure enough he finds someone who’s willing to give him a try. 2 weeks in and the smiles have turned to dismay & unhappiness. Why? Well, the owner of his place of work has a view that when you make a mistake you have to clean out the bathrooms for the day. As part of learning? So that’s his introduction to working as part of a team & management in 2017, not to mention the zero hour contract they gave him.

Just about every high street bank, retail store or business have been highlighted in the news recently, corners have been cut yet share prices & bonuses go through the roof. The penalty? I think that’s called the golden handshake.

So, what do we learn from businesses, about trust, integrity & morals?

Well if some of the recent surveys on employee engagement are to go by, very little. A staggering 2 out of 10 people feel strongly that the way they are currently managed motivates them to perform better. That’s 2 out of 10….*

It doesn’t make for easy reading, the further you go into it the bleaker it becomes. So, it begs the question what are the line managers doing if they aren’t reviewing their teams?

Additionally, it appears that only 29% of employee’s feel that their reviews are fair. How can that be? You both sat down together & agreed the targets & objectives right?

How do these statistics reflect your values?

Working in sales my reviews have always been let’s say, frequent. You could have a great 6 months but then miss target for a couple of days & inevitable the email would come through. If this is the same in all businesses how come we aren’t being made more aware of the fact that our employees don’t trust enough to say that they aren’t happy & need you to motivate them better?

Here’s a question for you managers that are used to using the RAG status to review your teams KPI’s. What colour draws your eyes first red or green?

Of course, how could I possibly suggest that this is the case in your team? Well I wouldn’t dream of doing that of course but how about some of these statistics: 73% of employee’s in the UK/Irish workforce are disengaged. Even more worrying is that 19% are actively disengaged or even resentful of their work with their unhappiness being played out in their role. Only 8% state that they were actively engaged & owned accountability for their performance.*

I wonder what would happen if you asked your managers to bring all of their latest staff performance & development reviews with them when they come into the office after the bank holiday weekend.

So, it comes back to the initial question, when is enough enough? Well for me the fortunate position I’m in these days gives me the choice to work with people & their companies. Yes, what I do is vital for them & to be fair the competition is fierce, yet that doesn’t mean I will bend my values regardless of the cost.

Trust. A small word that carries an unimaginable value to it.

Here are some of the articles referenced if you have a minute or two:



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