Are you in auto pilot?

On the way home recently it became clear that the car in the next lane was acting a little erratically. As he came alongside us it soon became clear why. There he was, driving in the fast lane of the motorway with his newspaper spread out across his steering wheel.

Now obviously this has many potential dangers most seriously the safety & well being of everyone else on the road however, if possible, hold that thought for a moment.

This man obviously was so self consumed in his reading the daily headlines that he was oblivious to everything & everyone else around him.

I was in the passenger seat before you ask...

How do you know when (in a work capacity) that isn't you? When it really matters, when you're in the middle of one of those pressure cooker moments, how do you make sure you're not driving with your little finger? (I was in the passenger seat taking the photo before you ask)

I think it takes courage to stop & double check. It's always easier to just rely on past experience to get you to where you want to be. I mean we're all in positions based on our experience or skill-set right? Well, the next time you find yourself flying along getting yourself to where you want to go, take a minute to check you're not in auto pilot & putting everything or everyone around you at risk.

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