Justin Henshaw


 Sales teams can sometimes be haunted by a bad reputation of people just trying to obtain your money at any cost. That’s why Justin has built his reputation over the last 30 years with integrity being at the heart of all customer transactions & interactions. “Seeing people return to you year after year & introducing you to their friends & families as someone who can be trusted is a feeling that will never stop me smiling”. Indeed, he has carried that mantra throughout his career from a sales person right through to senior roles helping thousands of customers making purchases every week including the largest ever opening day sales in what some consider to be the best off price retailer in the world.


Having recently completed the Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management through the CIPD Justin also became a Certified Mediator with the Mediators Institute of Ireland. It was critical that being responsible for so many colleagues in stores all over the country that he backed up his working experience with an understanding of HR & be able to both mediate & negotiate through some fiercely competitive & aggressive environments. The result is a concrete reputation of an ability to remain calm in any situation & find a path to ‘yes’ with people at every level of the organization.


So, what kind of experience does he bring? Well, having started working in an electrical retailer at the young age of 16, more recently Justin has headed up the National Sales Manager for the largest Telecom provider in Ireland. The experience gained in transforming the retail platform through the acquisition of a huge competitor then saw him headhunted into a strategic transformation role of the largest electrical retailer in Europe. He has experience of full profit & loss, sales, customer service & retention, policy creation & strategic planning as well as responsibility for over 700 employees & turnovers of over 300 million pounds.


Throughout the last 30 years Justin has seen many people & trends come & go but 1 thing has always remained, his passion for people & a steadfast belief that leadership is about finding the strength & value that all individuals hold & working with that to benefit the performance of a team. In fact, that is the reason Clifford Learning & Business Consulting was created. To be able to help people & businesses reach their potential is a dream come true for Justin. “To see people grow & develop is a magical thing” he says. That said, he is at heart a businessman & a retailer who loves interactions with customers. “People buy from people & any good leader recognizes that sometimes however that path isn’t easy & working with teams can be hard’. By his own admission “that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, I just love what I do”.